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Feeling broken: Do you ever wonder how you'll make it through the day?


you were broken but now filled, more beautiful.

How will you do it?

Feeling broken? Too much chaos? Too many obligations that stifle who you are? Do you ever wonder how you'll make it through the day? 

Embrace mystery around you

Before you close your eyes at night, whether success or failure defines the little things in your day, give yourself a break. Just living your life is the way through.

Smile as you judge your productivity through the eyes of someone else.

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Are you always too busy: Do you care about your freedom?


Image source: seems to be the new cool to say you're busy, swamped or otherwise not available for free time. Why is that?

It's cool to control your freedom

Isn't the true meaning of living the ability to control your own schedule, which also means living a good life and having the freedom to chose how you spend your precious time?

I fall into this sometimes too. Recently my friend Joslyn Hamilton asked me how I was doing in an electronic conversation. I left the message unanswered for weeks because I did not want to come back with my honest "I'm busy, swamped." So, I waited. Until today. 

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What is up with the iPhone auto-correct feature? A tangled web...

Any iPhone owner who sends text messages has learned with practice that the auto-correct feature, which is usually turned on by default when you get your phone, is not always your friend. After using it for awhile it supposedly gets to know you with its artificial intelligence. How cool! But aren't there some words it determines that you really wonder about? 

It's fascinating for me to try to put my own mind into the computer mind of the auto-correct and imagine a tangled web of letters and words coming in, with many choices depending on the next web. It can almost be like choices we make every second in life, each based on the previous moment. 

Doesn't the idea of auto-correct bring to mind a spell checker, which would imply that if you spell a word incorrectly, its built-in smarts will correct your spelling and thereby come up with a word that actually exists in the English language?

This is not always the case with the iPhone though, is it. What about words that are not even words? I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. 

Also, why can't it figure out that I just forgot a space? It's great at figuring out the missing apostrophe though. 

What about the suggestions? While I'm typing, I see the suggestion pop up and if I want to chose it I will. But, I don't chose it, want to keep my word I typed, see it actually typed out, and then... after [Send] it is the wrong word! 

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So many updates... How do I balance it out?


You sit down at your computer about to do your social media updates and you wonder a few things:

  1. Why do some of the people I follow seem to post every 5 seconds every time I'm logged on? I don't even read their articles because I'm so annoyed.
  2. Who will actually see what I write? I want to get out there so that I'm not wasting my time.
  3. What times of day are most people in my industry most likely to be on social media sites (e.g., Twitter)?
  4. I am so proud of my article I wrote recently and get lots of great feedback from others. I want everyone to see it more than once!
  5. I don't know what I'm doing here. Maybe I'll copy one of my followers.
  6. I have too much to say and don't know how to say it.

Advice: Do a mixture of all of the above. What you are seeing is what social media is all about.

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The best morning routine: How it can set the stage for your ideal day


image by simeon schatz photography
If you are like me you have a lot of things to balance in your life:

  • your work
  • your home
  • your family
  • your cell phone

Of course that is the abbreviated version...

But you do wonder how you will get it all done, not necessarily on time but at all! And, if possible, you wonder how to remain sane in the process. 

I have some good news.There is a way to maintain a balanced life and be at peace... 

Start out your morning routine right.  

Meditation. Meditate to get centered. If a meditation practice is not a part of your life, simply choose a quiet spot in your house and close your eyes. Try to find stillness in your mind. Breath lightly and look inside yourself as if you have a view of a new world.

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How many ways do we need to connect with social media?


How many ways do we need to be connected via social media all simultaneously? [A comedy seen through the eyes of a user enchanted by it all].

I have an iPhone and Macbook Pro that speak well together and when I'm on the road I've got my 3G network for all media needs but also wifi networks popping up onto my screen whether I need them or not, often password protected. I often find myself asking for the wifi network password, wherever I am, whether I need it or not. When I get back to my car my bluetooth kicks on so that all phone calls speak loudly through my MINI.

With all this technology it's so tempting to want to work it all even while driving my car. But, of course I don't because that would be dangerous. But first I've got to plug my iPhone into the iPod connector in my car so that I've got my new music just delivered and synced this morning all cued up in my car for my 8 minute journey home.

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How to make the most of your commute: Turn off the technology

Do you find yourself working all the time, even while you're driving your car? Texting while driving. "Just one real quick," you tell yourself? Voice mails from your bluetooth that no one can really hear anyway effectively? 

You think it's a good way to remain on top of your busy schedule. You think it's the only way you can stay on top of all of your new fancy technology and social media (even though enough is enough..). It's a good way, however, to be unsafe on the road, and also to become an expert in Traffic School. You know you will certainly find yourself with many tickets, not to mention potential accidents.

So why not ask yourself... are you really more effecitve in your business life, social life (or life in general) when you operate in this manner?

All of us, even the busiest, could benefit with some nice quiet time. Make driving into a peaceful experience where you focus on who you are, and settle your mind.

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