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My Writing Space: Day 3 of 30 of Write Yourself Alive writing challenge

WriteYourselfAlive 30 Day Challenge. Writing prompt: What is my writing space like?

Physically describe your dream home or writing space that has left a deep impact on you, in a way that makes the reader feel it rather than see it.

As I write, I usually see a cat hair flurry by through the air. Cats know when I need them, usually when I'm sad or something is brewing to the surface, and they know that their purr heals. They know instinctually to purr on me whenever I'm writing—at least when it's my heartfelt creative work. (If it's analytical, where I'm making lists, numbers or angry, they stay away).

This honest, creative energy—when it arises, never on commad—feeds my words; it's an indication that flood gates to my heart are open. I stay here. Here is anywhere in my house where I bring my laptop.

you are my dream

My dream space: You are by the sea and I can smell salt water in the air. You are warm and breezy, and you know my name. You send me words; I hear, feel, sense with my eyes closed when you're near. My hammock swings gently, birds chirp, the clouds make formations just for me to describe. When you call to me, I let the ocean waves lure me to watch them instead, swim in them, and then inspect the sea water droplets left on me as I dry in the sun. I write in my mind in these moments, clear and full. The sunset takes its time to arrive, and when it does I'm reminded of why you are my dream. Skies darken, and red wine enlivens my peripheral vision of colors and stars and you...

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