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(Mis)understood through silent insinuation: Day 21 of 30 of Write Yourself Alive writing challenge

WriteYourselfAlive 30 Day Challenge. Writing prompt: Write a dialog

Why does one write? What issue have you felt more misunderstood at or silenced about? How would you rephrase them?

she feels understood
because she is comfortable
with feeling misunderstood

she rises above misconceptions by creating allusion
that may or may not be understood
it is the goal

because she wants her security to rise
within insecurity
to create certainty amongst that which is not mentioned directly
balance within herself

she feels content within the realm of
being misunderstood
she doesn't care
she likes it...

when she thrives on hints,
veiled equivocal reflection
on indirect acts
she is left unaccountable
for saying anything at all

she is safe
she smiles
because she is a writer


© r.e.l.

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