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frēdəm\  the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.


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Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part sixteen

Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part sixteen

be you, creative

Continuing on from are you a memory?, part fifteen in Behind the eyes of a writer™ series, a driving force building words of sentences of stories of dreams. 

...between the letters

In between the letters is a place. To imagine what occurs—as a word is formed, as a choice is made—is to be a step closer to being in that space.

Sentences are made of more than words. Ideas, described. Pauses, illuminated.

While the choice is being made, while the thought is formed (as a bubble in the mind, speaking eloquently or as a cartoon), there is a decision. The decision makes its mind up itself.

Words are not taught, nor is creativity. The space to find the words needs to be opened, calmly with confidence.

They ask,

Do you know how? To be you? Then why don't you do it?

Be you, creative.

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Let your mind wander to your creative insights

creativity has a mind of its ownAn article I read today on the role of attention for creativity by Daniel Goleman caught my eye. It resonated with me because he was able to put it out there... on how the creative mind works.

wander, space out, focus, it's ok

I have always asserted that it cannot be confined to a box, to a timeframe or to a large conference room filled with eager brainstormers. Creative insight does not just come to most people spontaneously—except for maybe standup comedians. It requires what I call a certain zone, which can be created by immersing myself into all areas of the challenge at hand since I never know which moment or detail will spark my creativity.

Goleman goes on to say,

this wide immersion requires an open awareness, a form of attention that lets the mind wander freely. Mind wandering, which has a bad reputation, is actually a crucial stage in creativity. It lets us come up with those precious new combinations of different elements, the one that will pay off in a creative insight.

I often mention that my creative brain needs a special warm venue, a fireplace, a candle, trees, birds and clouds moving by. In other words, it cannot be confined to an office with flourescent lighting and a conference table with all eyes looking at me. I've called my needs introversion. Although it's a form of that, it's also the act of allowing my mind to wander that leads to its creative gems.


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Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part ten

Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part ten

memories of a heart

Continuing on from green and blue light, part nine in Behind the eyes of a writer™ series, I hear you thinking. are

Your tapestry speaks of histories, of memories, and of dreams once lived yet maybe not. You are a heart that I have won. Even my nervous and tender sentences do not put a dent in your undying craze over me.

Sand blows as mountains built over time, over years of wondering and knowing how we would be.

My silence is an intoxicting place of refuge—of rest—for us to swim in. Between us lies a journey of rivers and ripples that have yet to settle into their form.

Image source: Alex Theory

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Pensive thoughts show on our face, saying way more than we think


"It happens whenever you look at me," he says of my morning look.

My right eyebrow lifts when I am pensive—especially while at my computer—as the left side of my brain is more active.

To me, it is my Scrabble-look, catching me mid-thought into my game--trying to beat my nemesis in at least more than one game. But, still... what is it with my right eyebrow being more active at times?

It seems like it is an indication of the moments when my left brain activity (analytical thinking) is kicking in to gear.

I will do an experiment while I'm writing poetry for my secret innuendo™ and fully engaged into my creative, right brain activity, to see if I see any eyebrow changes.

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Find your way to emotional healing: Turn any obstacle into a gem


image simeon schatz photograph & visual designLove is the most powerful and beautiful feeling in the world. It can make your world go round... It is also the place where you work out the most important issues inside you. If you are running into obstacles, it's always a great reminder to remember that love brings you closer to the core of who you are. In this way all situations can be seen as gems along the way, each giving you your best offerings.

Traumas can get in the way but with your best foot forward, you can help your loved ones—or yourself. Taking a deeper look at a few troublesome topics can help shed some light.

Addiction. It’s the word that breathes alcohol and drug obsession, hopeless dependence in relationships, and uncontrollable cravings & secretive behaviors. The list goes on... We should ask ourselves though this very question: What drives a person to feel trapped in a compulsive pattern of deceit and hopelessness, and actually believe there is no other way?

Imagine the person who has an uncontrollable urge to fill the missing gaps inside themselves with something destructive. Now imagine this is a person you love.

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Feel yourself at peace: Coming into wholeness


What does that mean to come into wholeness? Imagine yourself at peace, in love and at one with your path in life, and then you will know the answer.

You do not need to rely on another person or object. You can find this peace from within yourself. Allow yourself to let go of all the impediments that allow your chaotic mind to take over. Without all of the excess, you are free!

In fact, you can access this freedom any time! The truest side of who you are, peaceful and undisturbed, coexists with your emotional mind.

A metaphor...

Imagine 3 buckets of water.

  • one is muddy
  • one is stirred up
  • one is still and clear

The sun shines in all 3. Each enjoys the sun equally. Reflection is dim and dull in the first, agitated in the second and peaceful in the third. Seeing the sun as the Self, the water as the mind, and the reflection as the Ego, we can make some conclusions.

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Traumatic brain injury research to help head trauma victims


Head trauma victims often end up with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) or Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (mTBI). What is TBI and what is mTBI?

TBI describes an impairment of brain functioning. It can result from trauma, head injury, infection, lack of oxygen, objects striking the head, chemical exposure, near drowning, birth related injuries, or medical negligence.

mTBI is trauma-induced physiological disruption of brain function, as manifested by any period of loss of consciousness, any loss of memory for events immediately before of after the accident, any alteration in mental state—feeling dazed, disoriented or confused, post-traumatic amnesia (PTA) not greater than 24 hours after 30 minutes, or an initial Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) of 13-15 loss of consciousness of approximately 30 minutes or less.

The Brain Injury Research Center at UCLA points out that mTBI it can evolve into anxiety disorders, personality changes,  depression, chronic pain, sexual dysfunction and insomnia.

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What is up with the iPhone auto-correct feature? A tangled web...

Any iPhone owner who sends text messages has learned with practice that the auto-correct feature, which is usually turned on by default when you get your phone, is not always your friend. After using it for awhile it supposedly gets to know you with its artificial intelligence. How cool! But aren't there some words it determines that you really wonder about? 

It's fascinating for me to try to put my own mind into the computer mind of the auto-correct and imagine a tangled web of letters and words coming in, with many choices depending on the next web. It can almost be like choices we make every second in life, each based on the previous moment. 

Doesn't the idea of auto-correct bring to mind a spell checker, which would imply that if you spell a word incorrectly, its built-in smarts will correct your spelling and thereby come up with a word that actually exists in the English language?

This is not always the case with the iPhone though, is it. What about words that are not even words? I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. 

Also, why can't it figure out that I just forgot a space? It's great at figuring out the missing apostrophe though. 

What about the suggestions? While I'm typing, I see the suggestion pop up and if I want to chose it I will. But, I don't chose it, want to keep my word I typed, see it actually typed out, and then... after [Send] it is the wrong word! 

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