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frēdəm\  the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.


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Why your blog still matters

Your blog is your place for thinking, and then typing what you think. It's your news source and outlet for relaying whatever you've got to say, and putting it out there. Even if no one reads it—let's hope that's not the case—your blog is a collection of all of your thoughts, organized chronologically and categorically. 

blogging is important

It's a place to share and blend multiple, mutually-attractive ideas that you've learned from others, but with your elaborations. It can be a collection of randomness. Its overall message may be one, or it may be best summarized in a cloud of words (i.e., tag cloud) that do or do not imply any regard for convention. 

Your blog posts ping the internet search engines as new content—something favored by Google, et al. In other words, the ranking of your web site or standalone blog itself will increase the more you blog.

There are many other reasons to keep blogging and even more reasons to start one today. Claire Diaz-Ortiz gives us a list of reasons why to start a blog. My favorites are "You're a great typer, and are in desperate need of an outlet for your skills" and "You get up at 5 AM, but don't know why."

wake up early to blog

I do wake up early and tell myself it's because I want to go to early morning yoga or be done exercising before everyone else even wakes up. But, the truth is I wake up early to write when my head is most pure. I wake up to blog...


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Subscribe to me, follow me, retweet me, talk to me...

You found me. Or did I find you? Either way, I'm glad we're "connected". Now let's share.

Subscribe to me and I'll share even more with you. Follow me to help me gain credibility or to gain special deals. Retweet me and my word will spread publically. 

Talk to me and we can build our businesses together. We don't need to know each other really. This is social media.

I promise that as you share with me and I share with you, our circles of viewers will grow exponentially. Trust me... It will be worth it.

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I am a yoga columnist

I am a yoga columnist. I find the poetic reality of yoga...

For, it helps one find a pure state of mind, while burning away layers of chatter, allowing truth inside to reign. It helps one fill in gaps that seem empty and magically become full with prana.

While stirring up dust inside, it helps form a fertile ground in which to grow life's seeds, while helping to take a stand against inhibitions.

Over time it teaches love, euphoria, magic and intuition—most importantly, the notion that it's all inside.

Remember that you can do whatever you put your mind to, and that you can love another with freedom.


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Justified Type is classier for online content: Copywriting standards


Do you use justified type (block justification) for your online content jobs due to its classier look? If so, have you been advised that you need to instead follow the latest web standards, which entail displaying all content left justified?

Of course, words in newspapers, books, magazine articles and ads are justified at the left and the right. Online, when it’s carelessly set, however, this block type can look distorted with extra spaces.

After researching the evolution of online writing, I'm perplexed as to why online writing standards could possibly be below typewritten standards used by the literary world for a long time. I have learned that online writing interfaces were—from the start—easier to program for left justification from a technological standpoint. To this end, they didn't follow the classier standards of the literary world.

Copywriters and web designers today can be rest assured now that modern writing tools are catching up, offering the easily accessible capability to use justified—or full—type. It's not only classier but more visually appealing to the eye. It does take more effort by the copywriter to tweak the justified look so that the text does not look distorted and hard to read at times. Proper justification is, in fact, a tricky technique to master. In spite of that, it’s well worth the effort if high quality, professional-looking typography is your goal.

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For the self-employed: Making the most of Facebook for your business


"fresh clay"    image by simeon schatz photography ( you have a business page on Facebook, are you utilizing it correctly? Times change quickly with Facebook as the developers make enhancements on the fly as they continue to grow. There are always ways to work with their new implementations. Staying on top of what’s new and making adjustments as needed is key.

So here are the latest tidbits...

Kate Wilber inspired me to share ideas on this subject.

First make sure you are sitting down with a cup of coffee, tea or other beverage of choice with your favorite ceramic mug before you begin. I believe that you are most productive and inspired when you are surrounded by your favorite things. 

Linking your Work "Employer" on your Facebook personal profile to your Facebook Business Page. From your personal profile, it's easy to set up your list of work engagements, employers, projects, etc. If you also have a Facebook Business Page, I'm sure that you named this page the name of your business. In this case, you will be adding this business name to your Work section on your personal Facebook profile, right?

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2011 resolution...

What is your year 2011 resolution? 

You want your blog to be more successful? Blog more often. "To write more, write more."  The more difficult part is getting excited about an idea and losing the thought or creativity once you sit down to post it.

To get inspired, to stay motivated, post every day.... Habits can be changed by doing something every day.  It works.. try it.  Happy new year!

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Basics of blogging

Are you new to blogging? Have you been advised to start your own blog and don't know where to start?

Maybe you have some experience with web design and wonder how blog design differs. Maybe you have been blogging as a user for some time but someone else set up the site for you.

Here are the basics....

First of all, it is free to set up a blog site. There are well-known blogging tool applications out there such as Blogger (owned by Google) and Wordpress. Blogger is the simpler tool of the two. For those looking for many bells and whistles, Wordpress is the answer.

The blogging tool applications will first ask you for some basic setup details such as your name and email address. You then need to chose your blog site address. There is a search tool within the blog tool application that will assist you in determining whether or not your desired site is available or not.

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