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frēdəm\  the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.


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Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part eighteen

Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part eighteen

Continuing on from all i am, known, part seventeen in Behind the eyes of a writer™ series, sometimes I sit and wait, always watching, never veering from the inner smile that makes up my insides and only sometimes shows on my face.

...a shield strong as stone

Watch time stand still with me. Ok? Help me to quietly become one with the search for what is luring me. 

you ask me to be still
and so i do..
you lie hidden within, unfelt
the answers touching you

© r.e.l. 11/26/10 different forms, as treasures

With a shield strong as stone, pushing you away in all directions, I know that you hear what to do next. You are everything, different forms, mostly treasures. You help me become the mystery. You help me let go.

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© 2014 R.E.L. Copywriting

submitted to The Poetic Bond IIII  7/12/14


A stairway to a train to the top: My destiny

stairway to the top (image: clint crawford

[Image source: Stairway to the top]

There is a stairway. I climbed it last night. In my dream. I knew these stairs led to the train to the top. I got to these stairs by a train moving effortlessly on a waterway. I wanted to call someone to explain how easy it was to travel across water.

Upon my insistence, there, up on this platform in the sky, enclosed within a fence with others who appeared to be clones of each other, clones of my aspiration, I was to wait. I knew I would wait, squatting down, arms wrapped around me for the train

Today, upon waking, I knew I needed a new view and new inspiration. Tired of staring at the same wall—although beautiful, offset by candles perfectly set and my favorite artwork—I am now lost. I am looking out the window more so than not to find my shapes that speak

But either my symbols of creativity are all asleep or I have exhausted them. My extraordinary words sit in a silent place waiting for me to find them. I moved my office around to stir up the dust, not only in my living room—along with a few new scratches on the wood floor—but to stir up whatever it is inside me that's stagnant.

to be cleansed & renewed

Now, in my new office, with a new view I know that if we were there then, we wouldn't be here now in this moment; this is my favorite moment. 

All I can think of is that I want to walk in the rain and not even know it's raining.


 © 2014 R.E.L. Copywriting


Today I will write a manifesto: Writing my future with full clarity


image: Kirsten Honeyman pacifichorticulture.comI put it in my calender that today I will write a manifesto. I thought about this in yoga this morning. I started writing in my mind. Then—after coming home—I decided to go back to a second yoga class in a row in order to get psyched; it was Bikram yoga no less. It was a physical yoga manifesto. Now, back at home, I am writing this blog instead. I will probably do the dishes next.

My cat knows something is up. He has positioned himself in a new spot today by the heat vent near my desk. He is watching me. Cats are mind readers. They know things. He is watching me as if he sees the future floating above my head.

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Embracing illness: Holistic healing process


True healing embraces illness and healing as a whole ...

I am happy for the miracles that occur in healing sometimes. Surreal, yet not. For instance, it is known in some cancer patients with x months left to live—as deemed by their doctors—that to embrace their illness by leading a life full of bliss for the last months of life is to allow cancers go into remission.

It brings hope to the open doors of natural healing, when the fight is relinquished. Holding the tension of opposites—the cure and the illness itself—allows for a new emergence, which never would have risen had it not been for its two counterparts. Whether it be pain, chaos, feeling alone (and their opposites), these contrasts are alive together—always coexisting.

Sometimes your only glory is to restore mystery and dignity to the experience of being sick. You can chose to thank Illness for the chance to be aware of all that you once took for granted. Realizing where your heart or mind was shut, now open, can lighten your way to a better you. It is true that when you allow fears to enter your being, you shut down from really engaging with what matters most. In short, you build a psychological barrier; this wall comes down when life sends strife as its weapon against the wall. As hard as it is, struggle does make you stronger.

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What I said is not what I mean


I recently saw a quote which sparked my interest:

"I know you think you understand what I said, but what you don't understand is what I said is not what I mean."

At the same moment, I also saw this misty photograph, captured under the category of 'bridges over troubled water'. For some reason I feel the two have relation in what I'm trying to say to myself in this moment.

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Feel yourself at peace: Coming into wholeness


What does that mean to come into wholeness? Imagine yourself at peace, in love and at one with your path in life, and then you will know the answer.

You do not need to rely on another person or object. You can find this peace from within yourself. Allow yourself to let go of all the impediments that allow your chaotic mind to take over. Without all of the excess, you are free!

In fact, you can access this freedom any time! The truest side of who you are, peaceful and undisturbed, coexists with your emotional mind.

A metaphor...

Imagine 3 buckets of water.

  • one is muddy
  • one is stirred up
  • one is still and clear

The sun shines in all 3. Each enjoys the sun equally. Reflection is dim and dull in the first, agitated in the second and peaceful in the third. Seeing the sun as the Self, the water as the mind, and the reflection as the Ego, we can make some conclusions.

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