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My Secret Innuendo® by robin ellen lucas


\ˌinyo͞oˈendō\  an insinuation about a person or thing. a remark or a question, that works obliquely by allusion.


Writing that unfolds a mystery 

Words are sometimes a secret or take the place of a moment unspeakable. Allusions and puzzles take over to create a memory or thought. Once envisioned, they develop into spaces that only dreamers can occupy and feel comfort.


I created my secret innuendo® as a place to find the poet in yourself. I often write in double entendres, lending ambiguity to multiple meanings. In this way my readers can picture their own message and story.

it's why i'm a writer
because life is in balance
a seesaw, tipping

i see life through a lens
that looks for what's interspersed
as opposites
each string
has a petal


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