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book editing


proofreading, grammar, punctuation, voice


\ˈgramər\  the whole system and structure of a language or of languages in general, usually taken as consisting of syntax and morphology (including inflections) and sometimes also phonology and semantics.


Book proofreading and editing

You are the author to a book and you want to publish it. Copyediting is imperative to your proofreading efforts. As you invest your emotions into the persona you've created for your book, you can often overlook what others see on the outside of the world you've created.

As an author myself, grammar, tense, punctuation and spelling are all important to me; but, so is the creative aspect that grabs your readers' attentions.


{all books have editors}

What is a book project without an editor? Not good. The writer creates the story and layout and path for the book. The editor refines its message, cuts down on repetition, makes corrections, to name a few tasks. The writer uses his/her right brain; the editor uses his/her left brain.

Editing is imperative to a successful book.