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You found me. Or did I find you? Either way, I'm glad we're "connected". Now let's share.

Subscribe to me and I'll share even more with you. Follow me to help me gain credibility or to gain special deals. Retweet me and my word will spread publically. 

Talk to me and we can build our businesses together. We don't need to know each other really. This is social media.

I promise that as you share with me and I share with you, our circles of viewers will grow exponentially. Trust me... It will be worth it.

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Doing a cleanse of your facebook account: Setting an intention

Do you ever sit back and really wonder about your Facebook account. What is up with all the "Friends" who you really don't know? What about the ones whose News Feeds you enjoy and cannot imagine leaving—are they really called "Friends" or aren't they really someone you look up to or admire in which case you should be in their fan club? Whatever the feeling you have, remember each of these "Friends" can watch everything you do on Facebook. 

Maybe you think that many of them are not paying attention. Probably true. But what about the ones whose names you would never be able to select in a multiple choice question as your friend, yet they post on your Facebook Wall one day that you "have been stalking their page." What?

Looks like there is crazy randomness to these Facebook profile stalker searcher applications. But, once you get hit by one, especially when you know you never searched that person's profile (or even recognize their name), it's easy to feel a little freaked out.

What is Facebook really about for you?

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For the self-employed: Making the most of Facebook for your business


"fresh clay"    image by simeon schatz photography ( you have a business page on Facebook, are you utilizing it correctly? Times change quickly with Facebook as the developers make enhancements on the fly as they continue to grow. There are always ways to work with their new implementations. Staying on top of what’s new and making adjustments as needed is key.

So here are the latest tidbits...

Kate Wilber inspired me to share ideas on this subject.

First make sure you are sitting down with a cup of coffee, tea or other beverage of choice with your favorite ceramic mug before you begin. I believe that you are most productive and inspired when you are surrounded by your favorite things. 

Linking your Work "Employer" on your Facebook personal profile to your Facebook Business Page. From your personal profile, it's easy to set up your list of work engagements, employers, projects, etc. If you also have a Facebook Business Page, I'm sure that you named this page the name of your business. In this case, you will be adding this business name to your Work section on your personal Facebook profile, right?

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How many ways do we need to connect with social media?


How many ways do we need to be connected via social media all simultaneously? [A comedy seen through the eyes of a user enchanted by it all].

I have an iPhone and Macbook Pro that speak well together and when I'm on the road I've got my 3G network for all media needs but also wifi networks popping up onto my screen whether I need them or not, often password protected. I often find myself asking for the wifi network password, wherever I am, whether I need it or not. When I get back to my car my bluetooth kicks on so that all phone calls speak loudly through my MINI.

With all this technology it's so tempting to want to work it all even while driving my car. But, of course I don't because that would be dangerous. But first I've got to plug my iPhone into the iPod connector in my car so that I've got my new music just delivered and synced this morning all cued up in my car for my 8 minute journey home.

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Social media internet marketing


Are you interested in learning more about how to market yourself or your business on the internet? Do you market a business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wordpress, RedBubble, or any other site which relates to your industry?

I offer this Social Media Internet Marketing service to my clients. I am always interested in gathering more information on the latest and greatest trends in this growing field...

This weekend I will be attending an Internet Marketing Symposium in Boston to refine my skills.

If you are interested in meeting other like-minded people on the internet to discuss ideas on what works best and what doesn't work with social media marketing, join my Facebook group "Inspired about Social Media Internet Marketing".

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