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Destiny - Day 29 of 30 day writing challenge

30-Day writing challenge through Kale & Cigarettes (500 words)

I started out this challenge on Day 2, posting both 1 and 2 on that day. So, I thought I'd end in the same way, coming full circle. I'm all about balance and all about circles.

dear destiny, i am ready now

Dear Destiny, I am ready now. I'm ready for my dreams to come true. I'm ready now, but let's say my dreams are already true (as they are in many ways), what does it look like in 3 years? (Following a prompt from Sara).

My oldest daughter will be 21. She'll be in her 3rd year of college at University of Denver (DU). She'll be smiling at the life she lives, doing her "Study Abroad" semester, which is planned for her first semester junior year. I say she'll be somewhere in Europe but only time will tell. I'll let her choose the country, not me. Her college is the number one in the country for its Study Abroad program so she has plenty of opportunities to choose from. I will go visit her no matter where she is. I'll be flexible and full of abundance by then.

My son will be 20. He'll be in his first year of Automotive Technology school. His genius and attention will shine as he'll give all he's got to his hobby. If he could sleep in his car in the garage he would. When he was younger, he was really into BMX biking. He would order new parts every day and always be upgrading; he'd sell and trade parts with friends. He would sleep with his bike in his room. There are tire marks on the wall going down to his room. His car is his new soul mate—the one which isn't officially registered and drivable yet. In the future, he will have this car and it will work. He will also have a newer reliable car (so his mother doesn't have to worry).

My younger daughter will be 18. She'll be the adult she thinks she is wants to be now. She will not emancipate herself from her parents before this because she will have found a new love for herself, and from that will develop compassion. She'll stick it out and realize her freedoms before 18 lie in her kindness and intelligence. She'll be a junior or senior in high school (she may jump up a grade—it's a potential soon). She'll be knowing at this point how to plan her life in NYC. If she's lucky, her mother, will take her to NYC with her on her solo vacation this summer. She—I—still thinking about how that could actually be a cool vacation; she isn't convinced yet.

renovate for the full moon

I will keep my house in Mill Valley, CA and be at a point where I can renovate and remodel. I can get the perfect patio furniture to go underneath my wild and free Eucalyptus tree branches, and the Eucalyptus in the distance will be manicured so that I can see the Marin Headlands. The most awesome view was one night when I first moved in during a full moon. It was a warm night and the fog was hovering out on the mountains. Above me were only stars. The full moon was shining brightly on the fog. I knew I had made the right decision. This type of view will be mine again... for me, my kids and to the man I call my destiny.

I will still be practicing my Mysore Ashtanga yoga each morning and take my ashwagandha potion mixed with chocolate coconut milk afterward to balance me out. I'll get massages once per week. I'll be euphoric. I'll be the writer I've always dreamed. I'll be published more than once.

My kitties will be 12 years old. They are already funny, and they will be even funnier. My boy cat, whose voice changes based on his mood, will develop his old man voice and will still be living in the kitchen in his "house" and dedicate his meows to asking for cheese. My girl cat will still be pursuing all things grey in the house and running around with her imaginary friends. They will each be walking a little slower, sleeping a little more and being more lovable as they know who is there for them.

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