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frēdəm\  the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.


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Today I will write a manifesto: Writing my future with full clarity


image: Kirsten Honeyman pacifichorticulture.comI put it in my calender that today I will write a manifesto. I thought about this in yoga this morning. I started writing in my mind. Then—after coming home—I decided to go back to a second yoga class in a row in order to get psyched; it was Bikram yoga no less. It was a physical yoga manifesto. Now, back at home, I am writing this blog instead. I will probably do the dishes next.

My cat knows something is up. He has positioned himself in a new spot today by the heat vent near my desk. He is watching me. Cats are mind readers. They know things. He is watching me as if he sees the future floating above my head.

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Mind-body connections: Physical activity directly influences mental health

Getting physical does make you feel good, as the endorphins released during bodily activities directly influence your mental health. Try spending a day in front of your computer, typing away furiously—using the excuse that you have no time for exercise due to a client deadline. Maybe by evening, you feel like you've accomplished a lot on your computer, but how do you feel emotionally the next morning? Try doing this for a solid week.

Next, try to live a balance day—leading into week—whereby your calendar revolves around you and your physical activites. When you are your high priority business meeting, or social engagement, you certainly feel more mentally, emotionally and psychologically stable as a whole being.

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Feel yourself at peace: Coming into wholeness


What does that mean to come into wholeness? Imagine yourself at peace, in love and at one with your path in life, and then you will know the answer.

You do not need to rely on another person or object. You can find this peace from within yourself. Allow yourself to let go of all the impediments that allow your chaotic mind to take over. Without all of the excess, you are free!

In fact, you can access this freedom any time! The truest side of who you are, peaceful and undisturbed, coexists with your emotional mind.

A metaphor...

Imagine 3 buckets of water.

  • one is muddy
  • one is stirred up
  • one is still and clear

The sun shines in all 3. Each enjoys the sun equally. Reflection is dim and dull in the first, agitated in the second and peaceful in the third. Seeing the sun as the Self, the water as the mind, and the reflection as the Ego, we can make some conclusions.

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Am I moving toward or moving away?

What does wholeness look like to me? The words that describe me are summed up here.

Robin Ellen Lucas copywriter and editor lets words flowIn my search for wholeness, I get a cue as to what I avoid in life when I watch what it is I try to withhold from others in my conversations. These are the truths which I hide even from myself, since I clearly lack confidence to orate them. The fear is controlled by my unconscious. These are the inner truths that point to my fear of being who I truly am. 

If I catch myself trying to avoid telling someone the truth about myself, I will see how I hide from life. This is the pointer that shows me my fear of being who I truly am.

I seek to bring myself into wholeness by merging my mind with my beliefs. The two act aside each other naturally. When the dark clouds come, I have to work diligently in meditation to remember the sun is always shining above it—something greater than me.


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