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frēdəm\  the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.


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Destiny - Day 29 of 30 day writing challenge

30-Day writing challenge through Kale & Cigarettes (500 words)

I started out this challenge on Day 2, posting both 1 and 2 on that day. So, I thought I'd end in the same way, coming full circle. I'm all about balance and all about circles.

Dear Destiny, I am ready now. I'm ready for my dreams to come true. I'm ready now, but let's say my dreams are already true

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A stairway to a train to the top: My destiny

stairway to the top (image: clint crawford

[Image source: Stairway to the top]

There is a stairway. I climbed it last night. In my dream. I knew these stairs led to the train to the top. I got to these stairs by a train moving effortlessly on a waterway. I wanted to call someone to explain how easy it was to travel across water.

Upon my insistence, there, up on this platform in the sky, enclosed within a fence with others who appeared to be clones of each other, clones of my aspiration, I was to wait. I knew I would wait, squatting down, arms wrapped around me for the train

Today, upon waking, I knew I needed a new view and new inspiration. Tired of staring at the same wall—although beautiful, offset by candles perfectly set and my favorite artwork—I am now lost. I am looking out the window more so than not to find my shapes that speak

But either my symbols of creativity are all asleep or I have exhausted them. My extraordinary words sit in a silent place waiting for me to find them. I moved my office around to stir up the dust, not only in my living room—along with a few new scratches on the wood floor—but to stir up whatever it is inside me that's stagnant.

to be cleansed & renewed

Now, in my new office, with a new view I know that if we were there then, we wouldn't be here now in this moment; this is my favorite moment. 

All I can think of is that I want to walk in the rain and not even know it's raining.


 © 2014 R.E.L. Copywriting


Today I will write a manifesto: Writing my future with full clarity


image: Kirsten Honeyman pacifichorticulture.comI put it in my calender that today I will write a manifesto. I thought about this in yoga this morning. I started writing in my mind. Then—after coming home—I decided to go back to a second yoga class in a row in order to get psyched; it was Bikram yoga no less. It was a physical yoga manifesto. Now, back at home, I am writing this blog instead. I will probably do the dishes next.

My cat knows something is up. He has positioned himself in a new spot today by the heat vent near my desk. He is watching me. Cats are mind readers. They know things. He is watching me as if he sees the future floating above my head.

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Don't pass by me: Who goes slowly goes healthy


wishes that come trueThere is a fine balance between shyness and true expression. As if in a bit of a conundrum, I go back and forth between befriending stillness and the gems inside me that open only when the darkness underneath is stirred to view what's lurking beneath.

The words of a song remind me,

I swear that I can feel you creeping underneath my skin. It feels like heaven to me sometimes.

There is a quality of light within the dark—a yin/yang. 

I can feel a side of me inside reaching out for expression, asking gently to not vaporize the energy of the expression into an emptiness. Don't pass me by, it asks. There is much to be learned in the dark that I so easily hide within the armor I've built like a child building a sand castle.

Sand is a good metaphor for this armor. It is made of rock, symbolizing strength. After many years of weather it can harden to an impenetrable substance, but if air continually moves through the tiny spaces between each grain, the wall can easily be knocked down. A simple symbolic hand can do the trick with one violent strike. Alternatively, I could douse it with my essence in a waterfall, or a slow drip to eat away at it slowly.

A soothing Italian proverb leads the way in my life now: 

Chi va piano va sano va lontano. (Who goes slowly, goes healthy and far.)

Take time with the precious gems that have been in the dark for a long time. Once they see the light, they do not acclimate immediately. They need time to adjust and evolve into their new form, with light shone upon them.

They can become like a dream that I’ve always imagined but could never reach. Not until now at least.


© 2014 R.E.L. Copywriting


Turning ordinary into vibrant: How?

my heart is alive, is yours?How do you go through your days with vibrance, where each moment matters... It's an art form and one that requires a dedicated eye to presence.

Presence in the current moment, where the eye to what matters opens up. Wide.

moments matter

Vibrance is a way of living with energy and enthusiasm. Taken out of context, it is quivering and pulsating, bright and striking. But that is a great metaphor to describe a vibrant life.

your vibrant life

When you think of apathetic, you think of not caring and dullness. This—staying on topic—is what draws people away from you. From your web site, from your emails, but in general, from you...

Stay vibrant. Be alive.


© 2013 R.E.L. Copywriting


Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part thirteen

Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part thirteen

a bridge, never too far to cross

Continuing on from a thought process, part twelve in Behind the eyes of a writer™ series, a heart or a mind captures the story. 

...a dedication

Dream, I tear you apart in pieces to unglue what you've become adhered to in search for wholeness. You are a bridge, and are far from broken now.

Vision, detached, floating alone on its own—like a cloud, effervescent—I know you better. For you in and of itself are pure. Without effort I am always looking back at you.

Word, I dedicate all of you to another whole so as to change your inheritance. When grouped, you take on others. I wish to receive the reality of you instead. You help me build my cloud.

Feeling, I know where you belong when you enlighten and make that which you migrate toward more visible—more alive. I am lured by your beacon, highlighting what’s juxtaposed against its chaotic parts.

While I am seeking change, you shine on my purpose.

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© 2013 R.E.L. Copywriting


Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part eight

Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part eight

birds flying. image by Frank Godwin

Continuing on from when your insides melt, part seven of Behind the eyes of a writer™ series, what is inside you when you feel like melting?

...and now, surrender

I surrender now to you. To you, and to the powers that be that will make my dreams come true in a second once I let go. To you I speak…

Silence holds much power now. To harness words into mindful imagery, which taste of all the memories we have savored. And from there, to be in a state of delight known only to the birds that fly above the winds that traverse through mountain passes.

Why do I surrender now? Because to hold on is to count every moment, every breath. Do you actually hear me now in this moment, transferred to you somehow? You do.

image source: Frank Godwin

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© 2013 R.E.L. Copywriting


Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part three

Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part three

if you think i'm asleep, think again...

Continuing on from when reader meets writer in part two of Behind the eyes of a writer™ series, write with me as if I'm writing you, as if I hear only your voice.

...asleep but not forgotten

As the wind blows, I know why I’m a writer. Because life is in balance; like a seesaw, it tips. I see through a lens that looks for what’s interspersed as opposites—each sting has a petal. I can hear what you see when I am grateful to be alive.

Behind the eyes of a thinker, who disappoints, not. The thought of a dream behind a barrier cannot exist until you see it.

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