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frēdəm\  the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.


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Distracted by anxiety until disruptive energy is discharged: Yoga and psychology

I am distracted often. Yes, it gets in my way when I feel I’ll be in trouble if I don’t accomplish a certain goal. Yet, with my life of freedom—more so, the art of distraction itself—I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is a beauty and inherent intelligence in distraction.


Why does a distracted mind cause anxiety? So many people are taking medication for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as if to cure this ailment; it’s as if they are being taught that they cannot live adequately in our society without the maximum ability to hone in on a specific task and fulfill it without question, without delay. It’s now, or else.

Why is this? People with ADHD focus intensely on their own topic of interest. They are highly focused. They are exceedingly intelligent because of thisdisordered ability to focus. This activity is peaceful because it is naturally-driven and full of integrity.

Don’t we each want to live a life that is fused with our innate, inner desires?

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Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part eleven

Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part eleven

you set me free

Continuing on from you are, part ten in Behind the eyes of a writer™ series, your tapestry speaks of histories.

...i had no idea

I had no idea how it held me captive, until I was freed and felt the rush of releasing sentiment, reaction and response. Once guarded, now unafraid, I spoke.

You scared me with your abilities. And then, that fear floated away on a cloud, now far from here. Far from me.

I never knew until then that I would thank you for the experience that both protected me and hardened me, yet allowed me to see a direct path to a dream, by virtue of knowing what I needed to avoid.

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Find your way to emotional healing: Turn any obstacle into a gem


image simeon schatz photograph & visual designLove is the most powerful and beautiful feeling in the world. It can make your world go round... It is also the place where you work out the most important issues inside you. If you are running into obstacles, it's always a great reminder to remember that love brings you closer to the core of who you are. In this way all situations can be seen as gems along the way, each giving you your best offerings.

Traumas can get in the way but with your best foot forward, you can help your loved ones—or yourself. Taking a deeper look at a few troublesome topics can help shed some light.

Addiction. It’s the word that breathes alcohol and drug obsession, hopeless dependence in relationships, and uncontrollable cravings & secretive behaviors. The list goes on... We should ask ourselves though this very question: What drives a person to feel trapped in a compulsive pattern of deceit and hopelessness, and actually believe there is no other way?

Imagine the person who has an uncontrollable urge to fill the missing gaps inside themselves with something destructive. Now imagine this is a person you love.

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What I said is not what I mean


I recently saw a quote which sparked my interest:

"I know you think you understand what I said, but what you don't understand is what I said is not what I mean."

At the same moment, I also saw this misty photograph, captured under the category of 'bridges over troubled water'. For some reason I feel the two have relation in what I'm trying to say to myself in this moment.

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Pebbles or mountains?


You don't trip over mountains. It's the small pebble that causes you to stumble....

So, why give the pebble such power over you? Do what you have to do to simply get past it, allowing the door to the next dream in your heart to open.

Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain!

It really is as simple as you let it be. When you trust that the unknown can guide you, you will feel awe or fear of knowing the happiness you withhold from yourself.

Even in darkness you can find the pebbles that haunt you. Pick them up with your small hands and toss them aside, or transform them into something precious by giving them thanks for providing you with their lessons. You know they are your gifts.

Surrender to your dream that was picked for you.

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Darkness you can find in your yoga practice: The psychology of you

Are you scared to face something within yourself? Do you sometimes feel that time is against you or that you cannot fulfill your wishes because of your fears?

You know that the answers are in your dark sides that you probably refuse to see.  Did you know that yoga has the potential to be the place to confront what’s most deep inside you?  This means, however, that you have the power to confront your darkest side of you in your yoga practice.

It’s a place only for the bold, that is for sure… But ask yourself, 

“What are you scared of?”

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