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\ˈpatrənij, ˈpā-\  the regular business given to a store, restaurant, or public service by a person or group.


R.E.L. Copywriting at your service

A busy calendar: R.E.L. Copywriting

Contributing writer on various sites

  • Medium (Collections: Speak to me, Behind your secret eyes, Just breathe... {Om}, Yoga Humor, When it's too much, Yoga & Psyche)
  • Rebelle Society
  • My Secret Innuendo® (owner)
  • Yoga Robin blog (owner)
  • R.E.L. Copywriting blog (owner)
  • Francisco
  • Micropoetry Society
  • Redbubble
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Napa Valley Medical & Esthetics 

  • Digital Marketing Manager, website redesign, copywriting, social media management for medical and esthetics startup business.

Christian Lind (Owner HCL Construction, San Francisco) 

Audra Miller (Conscious Career Coach, San Francisco) 

Barbara Frei (Owner of Yoga of Sausalito, Marin County) 

Jai Flicker (Owner of Lifeworks Learning Center, Marin County) 

Linda Behla (Aesthetic RN at Hayes Valley Medical & Esthetics, San Francisco)

Claude Wyle (Attorney at Choulos, Choulos & Wyle, San Francisco)

James Higgins (Yoga Teacher at YogaWorks, Marin County) 

Sara Carter (Health & Wellness Expert, Tenderfoot Wellness, Marin County) 

  • Copywriting, copyediting and business planning for business plan.
  • Web site maintenance, social media management, blog writing and management.

Yoga Robin (Private Yoga Instructor, my business) 

  • Blogging on yoga, inspiration, meditation, mind-body connections.
  • Creative direction, copywriting, copyediting, blog development, assistant web site development on yoga for web site.

Craig Fruchter, Stephanie Schreiber (Owners at Red Dragon Yoga, Marin County)

  • Web site maintenance.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Copywriting on yoga for online marketing. 

Stephen Perry (CFO and General Counsel at Phizzle, Inc., San Francisco)

  • Copyediting, copywriting on mobile sports and entertainment for client communications, press releases, presentations, proposals, product licensing legal, social media, web site and blogs. Bringing stories to life.
  • Social media management.

David Gottesman (CEO at Epic Machines, Gottesman Consulting Co., San Francisco)

Nora Bruno and Michele Ferrante (Owners at Gira Polli Trattoria, Marin County)

  • Copywriting on web site.
  • Copywriting on press releases and PR submittal assistance.
  • Blog development, assistant web site development, domain management, account management.
  • Web site maintenance.
  • SEO copywriting and management.
  • Social media management and client training.

Cora Nelson (Esthetician at Studio Blü, Inc., Marin County)

  • Copywriting press release, copyediting on web site, social media online marketing.

Glenn Brooks (CEO at Vibrant Living, New York)   

Karen Kieckhefer (Vegan enthusiast at Vegan Green Planet & Bohemian Avant-garde, Marin County)   

Simeon Schatz (Owner at Simeon-Arts: Photography, Ceramics, Music, Visual Design, Bend Oregon)

  • Editorial Manager.
  • Copyediting on web site.
  • SEO copywriting and management.
  • Social media management.

Tim Dale, Tara Dale (Owners at Yoga Tree, San Francisco)

Inflow Studios (I am Creative Director) 

  • Copywriting, copyediting, blog development, assistant web site development for web site.

Michael R. Macdonald M.D. (Head & Neck Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon, San Francisco)

  • Copywriting, editing, SEO management and journalism reporting on medical & health for 2 web sites, 3 blogs and several social media sites.
  • Blog development, assistant web development, web content management, domain management, account management, project coordination, SEO copywriting, copywriting, freelance writing and copyediting for 2 web site redesigns and 3 blogs.
  • Account management for various projects. 
  • Copywriting poetry ad copy for web site and marketing print. 
  • Social media management.

Simeon Schatz (Photographer, Visual Artist, Web Developer, Bend Oregon) San Francisco (I am a Citizen Journalist)

Cheryl Sindell (Clinical Nutritionist, Writer, San Francisco) 

Lea K. (Real Estate Agent, Marin County)

  • Copywriting on real estate for online marketing.

Jeff Klein (Owner at Working For Good, Executive Director at The Baumann Foundation, San Francisco)

Marit Bakken (Psychologist, Marin County) 

  • Copywriting on psychology for web site.

Robert Sturman (Photographer, Los Angeles) 

David Lucas (Owner at SLG Associates, Inc., Florida) 

Francisco Casabal (Artist, Poet, Texas)

Sarah Hyde (Owner, Wedding Makeup and Hair Artist at sHe artists, Marin County)

Frank Fitzpatrick (Owner at Earth Tones, Los Angeles)

Sarah Groskopf (Owner at Relax and Renew Massage, San Francisco)

Diana Illes Parker (Production Artist, Marin County)

Eric Monkhouse (Yoga Teacher, San Francisco)

  • Copywriting on yoga for online marketing.

Tyler Nilson 
Body Mudras (Thai Massage Therapist & Teacher at Elevated Yoga/AcroSage, Marin County)

Lisa Rueff (Yoga Teacher, Marin County and Haiti)

  • Copywriting on yoga for online marketing.

Yoga Works (Yoga Studio, San Francisco) 

Urban Flow Yoga (Yoga Studio, San Francisco) 

Andrew Wilkinson (Yoga Teacher, San Francisco)

  • Copywriting on yoga for online marketing.

Mark Varnes (Waterski Instructor, Discovery Bay)

  • Copywriting, web development and blog development on sports for web site, blog and online marketing.

Arthur Baker (Landscape Architect, Marin County) 

  • Social media marketing.