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From internet marketing and print, yoga and wellness columnist and metaphor to balance out an analytical medical site, I have written for various industries... 


Internet marketing & print samples

Desktop publishing for the internet and mobile devices is the latest in web advertising. Below are examples of my internet marketing and print work.

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Yoga and wellness columnist

Heart opened wide (photo credit: Robert Sturman)

See my various articles here to read about yoga happenings around the bay area, my yoga philosophy, yoga as a path to mental health, East-West psychology, spirituality, inspirational guidance—playful and serious. 

I always write from the heart and from experience. My 20-year yogic (and current morning Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga practice) journey and graduate school training have given me a considerable amount of thoughts to contemplate and write about.

-> Yoga Examiner

-> Wellness Examiner

-> Blog on Inspirational, Soulful yoga 


Poetic ad copy samples

Adding a poetic touch is my favorite type of expression with words. Below are examples of my metaphor for the medical world on a doctor's web site. See bottom right corner of each slide. Feel free to navigate to my secret innuendo® for more of my poetic style.

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Industry-specific writing

My writing aptitude can transcend different markets. Here are the industries I've experienced...

Medical: I managed and maintained a Patient Experience Blog for over two years, chronicling patient recovery stories.

Legal: I have been the ghostwriter and copyeditor for the legal blog and legal examiner of Choulos, Choulos & Wyle in San Francisco for the last few years, reporting on current news events and stories of interest on Bay Area safety for bicycles, pedestrians, motorcycles, municipal transit and food. 

Real Estate: I was ghostwriter for Marin Modern on home remodel and house hunting for the perfect home.

Yoga: See Yoga columnist section above.

Diet and Nutrition: See Wellness Examiner in Yoga section above.

Web sites and SEO: I was a Director of Web design company, Inflow Studios. I wrote for the Internet-Savvy News and Publishing Blog.  

Writing process, Creative expression, Inspiration, Marketing advertising: My R.E.L. Copywriting blog.

Wine: Wine enthusiast.

Social media: Discussions on social media marketing.

Psychology: East-west psychology and mind-body connections and psychological healing.

[Various others which contain proprietary information or wish to remain anonymous]