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Are you always too busy: Do you care about your freedom?


Image source: seems to be the new cool to say you're busy, swamped or otherwise not available for free time. Why is that?

It's cool to control your freedom

Isn't the true meaning of living the ability to control your own schedule, which also means living a good life and having the freedom to chose how you spend your precious time?

I fall into this sometimes too. Recently my friend Joslyn Hamilton asked me how I was doing in an electronic conversation. I left the message unanswered for weeks because I did not want to come back with my honest "I'm busy, swamped." So, I waited. Until today. 

Here was my answer:

To answer your previous question, I don't answer with the quintessential answer "I'm busy, swamped" (sounds so lame to be so out of control with one's freedom) so I sheepishly didn't respond and have tried ever since to gain back my freedom!

Her reply was better than mine in that she finds great freedom in structure. Planning her calendar for days equates to relaxation and the ability to stay present. 

Intelligence or weakness?

Is always being busy a sign of weakness or a sign of productivity, intelligence and presence? I'm surely thankful for my clients and brain's ability to take on a huge load. However, I feel that in my own life, I strive for better boundaries and better work-life balance. I see the point in taking solace in a schedule though. I am content knowing in advance—all day long—that something special is occurring that evening.  

In general, for me, "always busy" means that I could use some more personal time scheduled into my days—in stone. I crave my freedom so that I can do what I want when I want.

If you are busy because you are hiding in your "busy-ness" to avoid something, or because it gives you a sense of purpose to say it, remember that it's ok to flaunt your freedom too! 

Possibilities are endless

Next time someone asks you for your time, a date or caringly wonders how you are doing, wouldn't it be great if you could say one of these:

  • "I'll call you soon after my daily walk along the beach."
  • "I'm free, I work only 4 days a week and take 3 days off"
  • "I only hike or write on Mondays or Tuesday and never answer the phone" 
  • "I'm free now. Want to meet up in 20 minutes for coffee?"
  • "Most days I sleep in until 10:00, look out at the trees for 45 minutes watching the birds while I drink my coffee, walk slowly barefooted through my living room as I contemplate my day to come. I start working at 1:00pm and end at 5:00pm to go for a hike."
  • "I'm going to a movie by myself, and then I have a 4 hour window for you, before my 3-hour bath." (thanks, Joslyn)
  • <the possibilities are endless...>


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