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A fine ordinary moment, morning coffee


Meditative moments begin with fine mornings and clear thoughts with R.E.L. Copywriting

Dear fine moment... my first few sips of coffee,

You change my life. You hold a memory of all other days, alive with transitions from dreamy to present.

As the fog clears, starry-eyed, I begin to plan my day in a fine moment.

You witness me as my dreams come to mind, as I walk in the shadows of time becoming conscious.

And in the peace of my home before the storm, children sleeping, cats purring, sun rising, even though you don't last long, you help me realize...

That fine moments in life exist...

p.s. Red wine, you too have your moments.

© 2011 R.E.L. Copywriting


The best morning routine: How it can set the stage for your ideal day


image by simeon schatz photography
If you are like me you have a lot of things to balance in your life:

  • your work
  • your home
  • your family
  • your cell phone

Of course that is the abbreviated version...

But you do wonder how you will get it all done, not necessarily on time but at all! And, if possible, you wonder how to remain sane in the process. 

I have some good news.There is a way to maintain a balanced life and be at peace... 

Start out your morning routine right.  

Meditation. Meditate to get centered. If a meditation practice is not a part of your life, simply choose a quiet spot in your house and close your eyes. Try to find stillness in your mind. Breath lightly and look inside yourself as if you have a view of a new world.

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What does your miscellaneous kitchen drawer say about you?


Most people have a drawer in their kitchen that can be categorized as a miscellaneous utensil drawer. Almost everyone has their silverware organized in a divider. But what about the rest? What does your miscellaneous drawer say about you? 

Do you have every tool you can ever imagine, many because someone else said you should? Or do you only keep the tools you need?

Do you often go through your drawer to clear out broken parts, or clean up crumbs that may have gathered in there?

Do you sometimes rewash everything in the drawer? Do you make sure that you have no plastic? 

Now re-read all of those sentences in relation to your organization in your life, specifically your physical work space and your computer desktop and computer files.

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