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robin ellen lucas


content strategist, editor, creative copywriter


\pərˈsōnə\ a role or character adopted by an author or an actor.


About Robin Ellen Lucas, M.A.

Living behind my eyes, always wide open (Image source:

An avid writer all my life, I can still remember the secret spaces where I hid to write as a young girl. Transporting myself to another world of time and space as it existed inside my head became my favorite part of living.

{a release through balance}

Through giving the chaos a name, the tangled web an outlet and the emotion expression, writing became my release. I fell in love with imagination.

I balance out my creative side with my analytical side, and have during over 20 years in the business world wearing many hats. Each endeavor has surely not been without words paired with visual design, which guided me toward an intelligence that complemented my career in digital marketing as a content and brand strategist and freelance copywriter.

My natural instinct for humor cannot help but make itself known sometimes, which you can find in full form on my Medium account.

{writing and editing}

I refine words until they become a mantra coming from somewhere unknown. Mingling the creative mindset of a writer—at times warmhearted and other times satirical—with the logical one of an editor, I was bred to be a writer.

I currently weave myself through storytelling with clients in the health and wellness industry, which includes:

  • yoga studios and teachers
  • alternative medicine practitioners
  • massage therapists
  • acupuncturists
  • chiropractors
  • energy healers
  • spirit coaches
  • naturopathic doctors
  • dance and movement teachers and studios
  • wellness centers
  • retreat centers
  • meditation teachers
  • fitness coaches
  • personal trainers
  • pilates instructors
  • physical therapists
  • organic and health food stores and restaurants
  • psychotherapists with global views on healing
  • kinesiologists
  • spirituality
  • natural beauty
  • mindful education
  • neuroscience
  • art and photography
  • green design
  • nutrition
  • nature
  • poetry

My favorite projects allow my creative direction to drive and take on a life of its own.

{yoga, studies & poetry}

I infuse the healthy mind and body of a yoga teacher with a Master of Arts in East-West Psychology. Getting to know my truest self through clear intention has compelled me to know my path as a poetic writer and author. 

As the poet in me will always go back to double entendre, I invite you to also become a dedicated poetry subscriber entranced by figurative language. Allow me to ensure that your business gets a flavor of my poetic ad copy.

Be clear (image © robin ellen lucas)