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engaging content, essential seo, brand strategy


\enˈgāj\  occupy, attract, or involve (someone's interest or attention).


Web sites with engrossing content

It all starts with the copy that merges together with imagery. Without this, your readers will be less likely to remain on your web site. Once their eyes are caught, the words on the page should be concise yet not excessive.

I write words to inspire and edit copy for web design & development projects. I am a content and brand strategist but also a capable assistant web developer, enhancing visual imagery with verbal expression. Crafting essential words and phrases for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) completes the package, as optimal content SEO is desirable to internet search engines—but I am a big fan of keeping content relevant and flowing on the page (i.e., no keyword stuffing, excessive internal links, etc.)

I work directly in Content Management System (CMS) such as Squarespace and Wordpress, but others are workable for me.

Some web sites beg to stand out from the crowd by making the ultimate statement, breathing curiosity, confidence, forward-thinking, brillance and beauty.

{concise copy}

Copy needs to be written clearly so that viewers are enticed to stay on your web site, and eventually call you. Web copy, unlike print copy, should be written for a reading level lower than your target audience and be short and to the point. You want to ensure to keep all readers interested and able to follow your words and meaning.

After the web site has been launched and live, ongoing word maintenance can make a profound effect on online marketing strategies through periodic additions, alterations and deletions. While some web content stands the test of time—words, images, keywords—some needs refreshing. Keeping content fresh is the latest buzz in digital internet marketing.

Of course, your web site blog is a wonderful feed for this fresh, new content.