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frēdəm\  the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.


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When ideas melt into words: Creative copywriting that inspires - freelance writer, poet, digital marketing


robin ellen lucas, a writer with a heart

Which words really matter? Creative to meticulous. The ones that, together in a phrase, have multiple meanings—double entendres—depending on how they are read.

I'm a freelance copywriter and a poet. I'm an online marketer and an editor. I'm a social media junkie and a web site blog developer. I'm a blogger and a journalist. I'm authentic, I'm a secret. At the heart of it all, I'm a writer.

At R.E.L. Copywriting words flow—creatively or not—and become marketing ad copy for businesses and individuals. Ideas come to me in seconds or in hours, on highways viewing nature or in a chair staring at a wall. 

Digital marketing endeavors need engaging content to keep viewers; they should be inquiring and investing.

Marketing campaigns, electronic newsletters, postcards and calendars all need inspiration through idiom and imagination. Blogs and social media need lively words to allow ads and stories to come alive.


\ˈwərd\  a single distinct conceptual unit of language, comprising inflected and variant forms.

It is through words that we can see to the soul of what we mean.

Contact me for your words. 

See my Behind the eyes of a writer™ series for previews to my upcoming book series.


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Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part sixteen

Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part sixteen

be you, creative

Continuing on from are you a memory?, part fifteen in Behind the eyes of a writer™ series, a driving force building words of sentences of stories of dreams. 

...between the letters

In between the letters is a place. To imagine what occurs—as a word is formed, as a choice is made—is to be a step closer to being in that space.

Sentences are made of more than words. Ideas, described. Pauses, illuminated.

While the choice is being made, while the thought is formed (as a bubble in the mind, speaking eloquently or as a cartoon), there is a decision. The decision makes its mind up itself.

Words are not taught, nor is creativity. The space to find the words needs to be opened, calmly with confidence.

They ask,

Do you know how? To be you? Then why don't you do it?

Be you, creative.

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© 2013 R.E.L. Copywriting


Let your mind wander to your creative insights

creativity has a mind of its ownAn article I read today on the role of attention for creativity by Daniel Goleman caught my eye. It resonated with me because he was able to put it out there... on how the creative mind works.

wander, space out, focus, it's ok

I have always asserted that it cannot be confined to a box, to a timeframe or to a large conference room filled with eager brainstormers. Creative insight does not just come to most people spontaneously—except for maybe standup comedians. It requires what I call a certain zone, which can be created by immersing myself into all areas of the challenge at hand since I never know which moment or detail will spark my creativity.

Goleman goes on to say,

this wide immersion requires an open awareness, a form of attention that lets the mind wander freely. Mind wandering, which has a bad reputation, is actually a crucial stage in creativity. It lets us come up with those precious new combinations of different elements, the one that will pay off in a creative insight.

I often mention that my creative brain needs a special warm venue, a fireplace, a candle, trees, birds and clouds moving by. In other words, it cannot be confined to an office with flourescent lighting and a conference table with all eyes looking at me. I've called my needs introversion. Although it's a form of that, it's also the act of allowing my mind to wander that leads to its creative gems.


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Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part eight

Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part eight

birds flying. image by Frank Godwin

Continuing on from when your insides melt, part seven of Behind the eyes of a writer™ series, what is inside you when you feel like melting?

...and now, surrender

I surrender now to you. To you, and to the powers that be that will make my dreams come true in a second once I let go. To you I speak…

Silence holds much power now. To harness words into mindful imagery, which taste of all the memories we have savored. And from there, to be in a state of delight known only to the birds that fly above the winds that traverse through mountain passes.

Why do I surrender now? Because to hold on is to count every moment, every breath. Do you actually hear me now in this moment, transferred to you somehow? You do.

image source: Frank Godwin

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Pensive thoughts show on our face, saying way more than we think


"It happens whenever you look at me," he says of my morning look.

My right eyebrow lifts when I am pensive—especially while at my computer—as the left side of my brain is more active.

To me, it is my Scrabble-look, catching me mid-thought into my game--trying to beat my nemesis in at least more than one game. But, still... what is it with my right eyebrow being more active at times?

It seems like it is an indication of the moments when my left brain activity (analytical thinking) is kicking in to gear.

I will do an experiment while I'm writing poetry for my secret innuendo™ and fully engaged into my creative, right brain activity, to see if I see any eyebrow changes.

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Are you able to think outside the box?


It's easy to have a grand plan for everything you do in life, along with trying to plot and control the outcome. Although it's important to advocate for yourself and your own destiny, sometimes it's better to let life just happen.

You know you can dramatically change your life by being more creative in the things you strive for? This means thinking outside of the box and while you are still making firm decisions about what you want out of life, you are letting the mystery of life guide you too.

Creativity comes from the mystery. Trust your inner wisdom.

Don't be intimidated that the unknown knows more about your life than you do. Work together with the unknown to learn its messages. Take a second look at synchronicities. Do you run into the same person, or at least see them drive by in a car not noticing you, every day? Don't you think there is a reason for this, and if so, don't you want to find out what you each can share with each other?

I know I do.

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Synchronicity in your work and life


 Carl G. Jung defines synchronicity as the conceptual relationship of minds, intricately structured in their own logical way which gives rise to that which is not causal in nature. 

I truly believe that life is an expression of a deeper order, and that a person is embedded in this. 

I believe you can dramatically change your life by being more creative in the things you strive for, thinking outside of the box and making firm decisions about what you want out of life.

I help myself, and others realize their greater wholeness and how this can bring them to their happiest and perfect space internally, but also as a reflection on the outside in their lives and business.

What synchronicities are alive in your life today?

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I love blogging...

I love blogging. Simple as that. It feeds my innate need to write what my soul yearns me to write, to match images with words that create a work of art, to share my stories and thoughts and to get some computer time—I love my Macintosh...

Blogging a story is to tell a story that invites the readers to form a relationship with your brandDo you want your blog to be more successful? The best solution to this is to blog more often! To motivate yourself to write more, write more....

Simple as that.

The more difficult part is getting excited about an idea and losing the thought or creativity once you sit down to post it. To get inspired, to stay motivated, post every day... Habits can be changed by doing something every day.

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