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technical writing


analytical, detailed, quality


\ˌanlˈitikəl\  relating to or using analysis or logical reasoning.


Technical writing

Internet and Information Technology departments need writing that is to the point and analytical. The more precise, the better. Rapid changes in technology call for up-to-date research and effective utilization of documentation.

Many IT departments lack the protocols that incorporate quality written descriptions of their technological infrastructures, communications and deployments.

Technical documents need to be understood and free of superfluous words and repetition that confuse new users or busy computer technicians. Humor-infused instructions are always an option too.

I have an extensive technical background, and I'm a good listener. My visual mind envisions complex parts and their interactions, which integrates well into my specialized writing when I'm asked to write documention.

I can be an integral member of management consulting engagements and technology teams, before, during and after migrations, with the purpose of documenting existing systems and new ones.