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Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part nine

Behind the eyes of a writer™: A series, part nine

your green, your blue swirl together

Continuing on from and now, surrender, part eight of Behind the eyes of a writer™, I surrender now to you. and blue light

You are green and blue light, swirling together. I hear you thinking. There is something about you I want to learn, grow into and hide in. I do already. You know.

You do it too. With me. You have come to cover me with belief. You cover yourself too with me.

Even though you are a landscape I have already walked through, you are new. There are many curves and ways about you I have yet to parse. I have yet to live the habits of you.

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i'm happy to see creative and poetic copy....

June 2, 2013 | Unregistered Commentermysecretinnuendo

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