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Words I said today - Day 27 of 30 day writing challenge


\ˈwərd\  a single distinct conceptual unit of language, comprising inflected and variant forms.


30-Day writing challenge through Kale & Cigarettes (500 words)

Mina Elizabeth gave me this idea today to write only about the words I say out loud today. After yesterday, I had planned to make today a silent day, whereby I'll hide from others, and while in public put myself on MUTE. It's the Silent Retreat I've been dreaming of.

So far, the only words I've voiced aloud have been, "the Art of falling on your face. Nice," when reading an article that depicts how to properly fall on your face in yoga poses so that you are bolder in life.

I said to the oral surgeon who is taking my daughter's wisdom teeth out today, "what about pain killers?" and "yes, I would like to go home with that prescription so that I don't have to come back."

I said to myself in my mind (to the lady in the waiting room who had taken it upon herself to announce out loud every medical ailment she's ever had as she fills out her medical history forms), "Really, you bruise easily? You had hepatitis when you were 26? Don't you believe in privacy?" (I hope I didn't glare at her). She got up to ask the receptionist, "if your father is a psychiatrist, does that constitute psychiatric treatment?" Now it all makes sense.

Later at my house as I obsessively practiced a yoga pose which I'm determined to not get the best of me, I said "<cuss word>" really loud.

Next words were at the Mini car dealer where I dropped my car off to get new tires, and stood in line for my Loaner car. I asked, "convertible, please." They know me and love me so, of course, they gave me my choice so that I could drive home truly feeling the Bay Area fog breeze filtering the sunny 70 degree sky. I promptly applied my sunscreen. My latest on cars is that unless it's a newer clutch/stick shift and/or a convertible, I dislike driving.

I returned home to havoc as my daughter's friends were trying to help my daughter up (post-wisdom teeth removal) who just did a face plant trying to walk down the hall after eating her ice cream they brought. My daughter was just going to stay right there and go to sleep, face down. She was fine with that. So, I had to use my talking-to-a-5-year-old voice around her sweet and intelligent friends. This is what moms do when their children are hurting. Also, I had the Please the Doctor mentality since I was to be the caregiver following his instructions.

My latest words of wisdom are spoken to myself yet out loud to the Traffic Court (again). On Hold again. See Day 23 for the first day of this. I'm getting good at manipulating their system. I figured out how to get Transferring to an Operator by not following any of the instructions, by just continuing to press [0] [0] [0]... like a lunatic. Or if I switched to Voice Recognition, I could say Clerk Clerk Clerk Clerk... A few minutes to go before they close and I'm in a hurry since I just scored a job for my son at the Mini Dealer, however, they asked "So, how's his driving record? Send him in today with the application before you leave on vacation in a few days."

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