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Quantum physics - Day 26 of 30 day writing challenge

Touch me and I'll change

30-Day writing challenge through Kale & Cigarettes (500 words)

I'm not a scholar but I love quantum physics. I dreamed about it last night somehow and then saw someone post about the subject today (which I hardly ever see). One of my favorite books is The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra.

particles collide... we are made of particules

It's difficult to grasp, but when particles collide, the path of each particle changes. This is part of the subtle world and body too. It holds true for another person's touch affecting our cells, or even our next footsteps. The cool part is that this holds true for thoughts too. One person's comment can change ours, sending the thoughts on a new trajectory.

I wrote on this subject in 2008 and cited: “The world thus appears as a complicated tissue of events, in which connections of different kinds alternate or overlap or combine and thereby determine the texture of the whole.” I see what makes sense, what is trying to rise its head amidst an ocean of nonsense, as a juxtoposition to what is real.

I sent this to the friend who recommended the book after I read it (a decade ago):

"This book made me cry. Tears of joy at the fullness of life. It's helped me feel the power of one word, look, sound. I'm hearing more in silence. I see more power in collisions, cause & effect not necessarily being chronological, energy changing forms yet always being conserved, that it's not necessary to understand with the intellect since we are seeing the consequences and not the phenomena itself. My favorite is that we do feel others as a part of us on the cellular level."

Wow, I wrote that 10 years ago. I still feel that. It cures anything. It's the answer to feeling overwhelmed.

The power of one word, look or sound... It's still true for me. I'm in awe of the moments I notice. Silence is golden. And when we touch another, it's no joke. It sends a chain reaction, even unknowingly. When I say touch I also mean even with words or eye contact.

Cause and effect (and time) don't always seem chronological to me. I have observed this and wonder if I'm psychic, but it's that there is something else going on. Something worth embracing, even though not what we'd normally live by. It's my favorite practice to recognize that energy does not get destroyed, it only changes forms.

intellect thinks it knows, but doesn't

And finally, I use my mind a lot. I try to stop it from thinking so much. It's a good reminder to reemember that we don't need to use the intellect all the time because that way we are seeing the consequences, not the phenomena itself. The intellect thinks it knows so much, doesn't it? It doesn't. Trust me, I know.

[Footnote: A lot of people who are writing in this challenge are making comments about whether or not people read their posts, and their feelings about that. I feel good just posting this because it came from inside me. I don't assume anyone will read it or comment. It's for me. If someone does, then I'm happy to have inspired another.]


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